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ARCH1201 Project I

Rem Koolhaas: Bordeaux House

Analysis Drawings
Plans and Sections

Process Model
Materials: Card, Paint, Foamcore, Paper.

Rem Koolhaas: Bordeaux House

Final Submission Model
Scale: 1:100 Model
Materials: Balsa, Card.
Group Work: Ricky Fan, William Wei, Shiny Son.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Experiment 3: Valley snapshots

Experiment 3: Crysis Valley

Objects folder:
Levels folder:

Before entering the world, please read the other overviews written below.

Also included in this post are the keys for the elevator.
The elevator moves in several directions thus several keys had to be used to take the clients from the bridge to the meeting space.
This elevator is the elevator that joins the two clients as they both take the same lift to the meeting space. Note: When taking this elevator try to stand in the middle of the lift, avoid far ends.
The keys to press to go towards the meeting space are: p-->n-->k-->k(to ascend down)
Then to move from the meeting space back: j-->b-->o

The keys are linked to go from each moving point and back hence if you move forward when pressing 'p' to go back you would press 'o'
thus p<-->o
Another lift situated is for Helen Keller, which is situated at the base of her space. This elevator was designed so that clients would take a boat from one side pass through the valley and through the two waterfalls and turn to the right base of the terrain. Here they would jump off walk towards the lift and take it to go up to Keller's space.
The keys for this elevator would be only 'L' to go up (non caps) and 'u' to come down.

Experiment 3: Valley + Waterfall

My valley was inspired by the Huon Valley of Tasmania. The narrow river would run along the curved path of the land with thick vegetation surrounding it from both sides of the river. However I purposely made my valley a little harder to move through at the beginning. I made trees hang over the river and I made a pretty dense path. This is demonstrated above. The purpose of this was to demonstrate Keller's Struggle which I maintain is her source of power. This path would be symbolic of the countless number of struggles Keller had gone through in her life. However as you keep pushing through suddenly there is a breathtaking opening, where the valley opens up into a massive area. This was to suggest two things. Keller's success in finding her power and the lead onto the sublime nature of Miranda Kerr's power, which revolved around the idea of aesthetic visual beauty.

This video continues to show the open area where the valley leads onto, and it further shows the connection of the two waterfalls. I wanted to demonstrate this sense of power using the terrain, hence I dedicated a fair amount of time to create these two waterfalls face to face. The idea was so that the clients, when taking an elevator from the bridge together pass through the waterfall and feel its sense of power. Although Helen was blind and deaf, the elevator was designed with open room and side spaces so that the cold sprays of water and sudden change in atmosphere would enable her to feel the power of this waterfall.

Experiment 3: Table + Meeting space Overview

The Table.
This table was designed so that clients would have to enter through the two gaps and sit or stand in the circle area connected from the two gaps.This idea was to suggest that the clients were surrounded by their own powers. The table showed the origins of their powers by extensive structural decorum on the sides of the table aligned with doric greek columns and structural 'ropes'. Furthermore I wanted a table which didnt seem small and primitive, but in itself large to just further extend that symbolism of power. The two clients would sit or stand and gaze around to the beautiful scenery which completely surrounded them.
The Meeting Space:
The design of this meeting space was meant to suggest a subtle type of beauty. It was only supposed to be something which is appreciated with just a glance, so this wouldn't deter the natural beauty around it. The clients would come to the meeting space to appreciate the nature around it, more so than the structure of the meeting space itself.